Institute of Behavioral Research and Therapy

The Institute of Behavioral Research and Therapy (IBRT) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1992. Its main aim was to disseminate CBT in Greece, by providing high standards clinical training and accessible quality psychotherapy services.

In 2012, changes in Greek legislation led IBRT to create the Association of Cognitive – Behavioural Studies (ACBS), which offers all training activities since then. IBRT held its research and publication activities and its operation as a Psychotherapy Center.

IBRT’s, current purpose is twofold: on one hand to provide high-quality psychotherapy services accessible to the public, and on the other hand to promote clinical research on the field of CBT in Greece.

Since 2005, the year that IBRT started operating as a Psychotherapy Center, more than 4000 people have received help. Today, in IBRT, work about 80 licensed psychologists and psychiatrists, and every year more than 300 cases are handled, under supervision.

As for research and publication activities, IBRT:

  • is the home of IBRT Publications and the Greek Journal of Cognitive-Behavioural Research and Therapy (peer-reviewed journal)
  • has active participation in National and European congresses
  • organizes CBT-oriented symposiums and events

The activities of IBRT are supervised by a Board of Directors:

  • Diana Charila, Psychologist, PhD Clin. Psychology, President
  • Giorgos Efstathiou, Psychologist, PhD Clin. Psychology, Administrative Director & Treasurer
  • Miranda Vlavianou, Psychologist, MSc Clin. Psychology, Secretary
  • Katerina Aggeli, Psychologist, PhD Clin. Psychology, Administrative Secretary
  • Anastasia Kalantzi – Azizi, Prof. Emeritus of Clinical Psychology, University of Athens, Member
  • Thomas Kalpakoglou, Psychologist, PhD Clinical Psychology, former President of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, Member
  • Fotini Lekka, Psychologist, PhD Clinical Psychology, Member
  • Meropi Zorba, Psychologist, Member